We have been milking pure and crossbred Friesland sheep for organic cheese production at Milliaries Farm, Sorbie, for more than 20 years, producing our Cairnsmore cheese range for shops, hotels and restaurants across Scotland. We’ve shown that what would once have been considered a trendy fad has indeed lasted decades and continues to grow as consumer tastes and expectations have progressed.

Sheep’s milk is especially high in protein, minerals and vitamins and, as any true lover of cheese will testify, it is simply delicious.

The production of healthy food is at the heart of our philosophy. We are committed to producing the best quality organic cheeses available, naturally and sustainably.

“Here at Millairies”, says Alan, “we use crop rotation, red clover and composted dung to enrich the ground and we have also introduced volcanic rock dust from a local quarry as a way of re-mineralising the soil”. This is an economic way of enriching soil and Alan suggests we should “try it on our gardens if we don’t believe it”!

The ewes enjoy a good life at Millairies. They are milked once a day instead of twice as on many farms because it’s better for our animals. Organic production and animal welfare is important to us because we believe they result in superior cheeses.