A WIGTOWNSHIRE pooch is taking a starring role as the main character of a new children’s book.

Isle of Whithorn artist and author Amanda Sunderland has launched a children’s story based on her own little dog, dachsund Ash.

The idea to make her pet the star of his own book came about after discussions with friends and now the tales and adventures of the pup have been brought to life.

Amanda was going through cancer treatment at the time and, as a result, was unable to carry out the physical work required for other tasks due to low energy levels.

She said: “Earlier this year, while I was still feeling the effects of all this, a friend of mine Paula Jenkinson, who is also an author, came to visit and we were having a  chat about adult colouring books being so popular.

“She  often refers to Ash as Wee McAsh as do relatives of mine, but it wasn’t until then that I had the idea to turn him into a character.”

As an artist as well as an author, she had previously done sketches and little cartoons of her pet, but they had not gone any further.

She said: “I had not really developed them.”

The idea came to create children’s colouring books with the dog on adventures. This was at Easter time, and a small postcard with Wee McAsh on the front was put in to shops as a “prototype”. Three months on, the dog is now appearing in his own adventure.

“To say I am pleased is the understatement of the century, as there were times during this when I really wondered why I started but I have had so much help from family and friends, who pushed me on  through the difficult bits,” Amanda said.

Wee McAsh  is going to be a busy boy as he will be appearing at the Wigtown Book Festival on September 30.

Wee McAsh to The Rescue also has his own Facebook page where you can find local stockists, or to purchase a  copy  from the author visit the Isle Studio, email amjsunde13@gmail.com or phone 01988 500 148.