Whithorn residents have headed north to research the impact of bunkhouses to help regenerate the town.

Directors from All Roads Lead to Whithorn Trust, steering group members, and Whithorn Trust staff  spent three days touring bunkhouses in the West Highlands and Iona.

A pilgrim and walkers’ bunkhouse is planned as part of an extensive redevelopment of the New Town Hall, complete with sports suite and renovated community hall.

The trip was to investgate how bunkhouses helped tourist areas, particularly places with a religious heritage like Whithorn’s.

Plans are afoot to develop and promote the western route to Whithorn from Glasgow and the bunkhouse is designed to cater for walkers, as well as supporting the wider social uses of the hall.

The team visited Callander, Mull and Iona.

At the final destination Historic Environment Scotland took the group round the Abbey and Museum.

The group surveyed each bunkhouse and results were collated and fed into the Business Plan.

This year, the magnificent Whithorn Crozier returns to Whithorn from National Museums in Edinburgh, and local people will have the chance to see it at the launch on Saturday April 1, when Bishop William Nolan will open the exhibition of the crozier, which was buried with Whithorn bishops of the 13th Century near the high altar above the crypts.

Pictured:  John Wilson, Chairman of the Community Council and Peter Buxton with a guide from Historic Environment Scotland at Iona Abbey.